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We know what it means to work hard for the result. We sincerely love our work. We know how to work in difficult conditions, how important interpersonal relations are.

Who is marketers

My name is Peter Kolomiets. When I was 18, I independently repatriated from Siberia to Israel, served almost 5 years in the Israel Defense Forces, started as a private in special forces and ended up as an officer with over 100 people subordinate. I believe that the main thing is to love your work and achieve your goals, even if it is on the verge of the possible. After all, reputation is built over the years, and you can lose it in an instant.

At the beginning of 2017, we – 3 partners, created the agency Marketers.
At the moment, I remained the sole owner and develop the agency with a team of talented employees.

Marketers values ​​- customer focus and goal achievement.

Our mission is to help our customers realize their dreams with the help of success in digital marketing.

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Social Marketing

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Video Marketing

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